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JGG maintains a close working relationship with Wings of Hope,

a US charity located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Wings of Hope provides direct financial and developmental support. It also acts as a clearing house for donations to JGG. Through this latter activity, donations designated for JGG via Wings of Hope are US tax deductible. Wings of Hope has a top rating from Charity Navigator. Its website is

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JGG's begun as a foundation providing fund to various charities operating in Southeast Asia, so they could construct infrastructure projects, such as a small schools, dormitories, factories, etc. With one exception, JGG funded 100% of each project.

In 2010, JGG decided to move from being a foundation to developing its own charitable program focused solely on Cambodia. JGG no longer funds projects for other charities.

This is accomplished by training poor, rural high school students to teach English to 7th , 8th and 9th grade students in their village. These Student Teachers, also called Student Volunteers, join JGG the start of high school and generally stay with the program until graduation. The teaching is managed by adult English Teachers who work with Student Teachers on their lesson plans and critique their performance. The teaching takes place after school hours and on the weekends at the village schools and JGG Learning Centers 12 months a year.

Currently, JGG has approximately 30 Student Teachers who, working in teams of two, teach English to over 350 7th , 8th , and 9th grade students. We are active in Bak Chinhchien, Romlech, and Koh Svey villages in Pursat Province, Cambodia. Supplementing this main program, JGG maintains Learning Centers in Bak Chinhchien (also supports Koh Svey) and Romlech where among other activities Student Teachers receive computer training. Student Teachers who remain with JGG until graduating high school transition to becoming Student Teacher Alumni.  These Alumni are entitled to stay for free at one of three JGG dormitories located in Phnom Penh (2 dormitories) and Siem Reap while attending university.  

In university, it is likely that 50% of the textbooks and all the computer programs will be in English. Almost all good jobs require the ability to speak English. In this regard, not only do our Student Teachers benefit from their English training at JGG, but so do the hundreds of students that the Student Teachers teach each year. Student Teachers also receive computer training. 


Like all countries computers dominate study and work activities in Cambodia. Not being computer literate in Cambodia is no less a detriment than not being so in the US and other developed countries. However, few rural Cambodian children have access to a computer or the ability to pay for training.

JGG’s program goal is to lift Cambodian students out of poverty and put them on their way to becoming the future leaders of Cambodia and the world...

Who We Are

John Givonetti Giving (JGG) is a small private Cambodia Charity whose primary  endowment comes from the estate of John Givonetti. JGG's head office is in the US,  with an operational office and other facilities in Cambodia.

What is Our Focus

Poor rural children in Cambodia have little reference to the modern world in their community

They know no successful people and have few role models to follow. Most of their parents have only a minimal education.


JGG’s program teaches the Student Volunteers key leadership skills. It also begins to instill in these children the discipline of having a work schedule, performance goals, and organizational relationships. Thus, when they start their university careers they become the class leaders and perform very well in their studies. These students generally work full-time while also going to university full-time. By their sophomore or junior year, they are already earning as much as or more than their parents.

English is one of the most important skills any student can develop with respect to having a bright future.

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