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Who We Are

John Givonetti Giving (JGG) is a small private registered Cambodian Charity whose primary endowment comes from the estate of John Givonetti.  JGG’s head office is in the US with an operational office and other facilities in Cambodia.

Our Primary Focus

Since its founding in 2008 JGG’s focus has been to uplift the poor in a way that allows them to transition to a higher, more productive level.  Thus, they can improve the status of their family, and by their example, the quality of their community.  JGG’s educational support has a large role in achieving this goal.  Support for medical services, pure water, economic development, etc. is also important.

Our History

2008 - JGG began as a foundation providing funding for infrastructure projects in support of various charities, mostly operating in Southeast Asia.  This resulted in the construction of several schools and related buildings.

2010 to 2020 - JGG established an English Outreach Program based in Pursat province, Cambodia directly serving the rural communities of Bak Chinhchien and Romlech, along with about 30 surrounding villages. Through this program high school students were taught to teach English to students in the 6th through 9th grade.  

In addition to preparing the student teachers to conduct English classes, they were also provided with computer skills and leadership training by JGG.  Upon graduating high school, the student teachers were able to stay, at no cost, at JGG dormitories in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap while attending university.  

In 2021 the English Outreach program ended.  During its time of operation this program trained 225 student teachers who collectively taught 2,700 students English.  Almost every student teacher has graduated from university.  As part of the program, JGG constructed two Learning Centers which are now being operated by the government schools where they are located.

2021 – The arrival of Covid in 2020 cause the high schools where JGG operated the English language to close for significant periods.  As a result, JGG permanently closed the English program.  However, JGG’s dormitories continue to operate.  The last student teachers will have completed their university training by 2025.  JGG is now recruiting students for its dormitories from all areas of Cambodia.

2024 and Beyond – Adding to its dormitory program, in 2024 JGG funded the construction of a Library/Meeting Center located at a primary school in rural Siem Reap province (Cambodia).  In the future, JGG expects to support the construction of other small infrastructure projects based on available funds.  While such projects will primarily occur in Cambodian, from time to time, they may be in other countries as well.  In all cases the focus will be on uplifting the lives of the poor.  

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