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Leadership Skills Training 

In rural Cambodia, school children have virtually no contact with professional leadership.  


There are no role models to follow.  Becoming a leader seems an impossible dream.  

JGG’s Student Teacher training program provides Student Teachers

 the organizational, English, computer, and work skills required for

leadership.   Most importantly, through their three years of teaching,

Student Teachers become leaders while still in high school.  By the

time they enter university this leadership experience gives them the

confidence to know they will be successful.







                                                                                                    Currently JGG has about 30 student teachers.

 Training is conducted on Saturday and Sunday, and it is expanded during school break periods.  They teach after school week days 12 months a year.

Watch the videos below to see JGG in action:

Leadership Training by Sokhary​:


Experienced Student Teacher Training New Student Teachers:

Kimberly providing Training to JGG Students

JGG Student Teachers in Training with Khary​

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Weeked Training 01.JPG
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