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John Givonetti Giving would appreciate your support in changing the lives of Cambodian children.

The entire JGG program is run by a modestly paid staff of five local Cambodians who themselves grew up in poverty. None of JGG's executive staff receive any compensation. Wings of Hope provides all its services at no cost to JGG. 

Donations made through Wings of Hope (EIN 43-0909606) are US tax deductible. 

Donations by check should be made out to Wings of Hope and specify that the donation is for use by John Givonetti Giving (JGG) and mail to:

Wings of Hope

c/o John Givonetti Giving

18370 Wings of Hope Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63005

Donations by credit card should use:


The Wings of Hope website at and specify that the donation is for use by John Givonetti Giving or just type in JGG.

Many corporations provide their employees with matching donations. If you have access to such doubling of your donation, please let your employer know of your donation plans.

Your kindness is deeply appreciated.

Purchase Make Your Luck

                                       Make Your Luck is a success guide for Cambodian Teenagers written by JGG Chairman Sokhary Kong Pavese.                                          The text is in both English and Khmer. Available on iTunes for $3.99 


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