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University Support 

The goal of every JGG student teacher is to attend university.  The first step toward this goal is to pass the comprehensive 12th Grade Examination taken at the end of a student’s high school senior year. In preparation for this difficult test, JGG provides 12th grade student teachers with after-school training by professional teachers in the key subjects of English, mathematics, chemistry, biologies and physics.


Twelfth-grade student teachers are given a free, escorted trip to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap to meet with universities as part of the process to select their university and major.



JGG offers free access to one of its three dormitories (two in Phnom Penh and the John Givonetti Respite Center in Siem Reap) for former student teachers while they attend university.

JGG Students Visiting Universities in Phnom Penh  

John Givonetti Respite Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia 

JGG Dormatories in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

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