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Mr. Phen Dith

PHEN Dith is 26 years.  He grew up in very poor family with two brothers and three sisters. His parents were farmers living in Tuol PongRor village, BakChinhchien commune. He is now a Senior Teller at the ABA bank branch in Borei Keila.  According to Dith, ABA is both the most popular, as well as, the best bank in Cambodia.  

Like so many Student Teacher’s Dith’s day when he was growing up started early (5 AM), so he could help his father prepare for the day’s farm work. When time allowed, he would travel with his father on fishing trips.  He would then help his mother sell the fish in the local market.  Ducks were also raised to be sold in the market. 

Being poor never stopped Dith from learning. Without a watch or phone, he told time using the sun and the general activity on the road.  He was never late for school.   Dith joined JGG’s English Outreach Program as a student in 2009. A year later JGG announce it was looking for its first generation of Student Teachers, but he missed that opportunity. The next year JGG began searching for its second generation of Student Teachers. This time he joined the test and got a high score.  Dith was very happy. 


Mr. Phen Dith and his friends during High School Classes

While attending university Kongkea worked part-time.  Her first job was a waiter at a noodle restaurant.  She was paid US$50.00 per month which was increased to  US$80.00 after three months and later to US$110.00. Working as a waiter in a restaurant, she had no opportunity to practice her English so, after a year, she decided to look for a new job. Her second job was as an English Teacher at an International A Grade School (IAGS) and she was paid US$200.00 per month. At her new job she spoke and practiced English every day with  students and the other foreign and Khmer teachers at the school.

As a Student Teacher, Dith taught English to 6th grade students from Monday to Friday in the afternoon.  He taught 7th grade students from 5:00 to 6:00 PM.  Finally, at 6:00 PM he studied his English with the Professional Teachers provided by JGG.  

Phen Dith, being a Student Teacher during his high school. In 2011 JGG did not have a Learning Center. However, JGG established a temporary computer training center at teacher Kong Sokhary’s house. Training was conducted by JGG’s first generation Student Teachers. Dith completed his computer course at the same time the JGG Learning Center was completed in the BakChinhchien High School compound.  

Dith graduated high school in 2013, and then moved to Phnom Penh with other Student Teachers to live initially in a rented apartment provided by JGG, and then later at the JGG dormitory when it was completed. He studied Management at the Institute of New Khmer, graduating in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Management.  

While attending university, Dith worked full time. His first job was a Cook at The Pizza Company. Later he moved on to an English teaching position at an international school, but he still worked at The Pizza Company on the weekends.  Then in 2017 he began work as a Tax Agency Officer at CTAS Consulting.  Finally, he moved to ABA bank.   

Dith feels very grateful to JGG for the many years it has supported his successful development. He says, “JGG was an important part of my life for a long time. It is something I will always appreciate.”


Mr. Phen Dith at his current workplace

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