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Ek Kongkea is 25 years old and a former JGG Student Teacher from Bakchinhchien Hun Sen High School. She joined the JGG Program as a Student Teacher in 2010 when she was in the 10th grade. Kongkea grew up with her parents and four siblings.  She is the youngest one in the family.

Kongkea graduated high school in 2013.  She moved to Phnom Penh and lived initially at a rented house provided by JGG, and then later at the JGG dormitory when it was completed.  She studied Accounting at Cambodian International Cooperation Institute, about 20 minutes from the dormitory by bicycle. Kongkea graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2018.

Ms. Ek Kongkea

While attending university Kongkea worked part-time.  Her first job was a waiter at a noodle restaurant.  She was paid US$50.00 per month which was increased to  US$80.00 after three months and later to US$110.00. Working as a waiter in a restaurant, she had no opportunity to practice her English so, after a year, she decided to look for a new job. Her second job was as an English Teacher at an International A Grade School (IAGS) and she was paid US$200.00 per month. At her new job she spoke and practiced English every day with  students and the other foreign and Khmer teachers at the school


Ms. Ek Kongkea with her friends at his high school

Kongkea left JGG’s dormitory in Phnom Penh in early 2019 (she was dormitory supervisor) when she became the first JGG student teacher to get married. Kongkea is now working at KF&B Distribution Company with a well-paid salary of US$300.00 per month. She is so happy with her new job as an accountant and her new husband!

Kongkea is very thankful to JGG and greatly appreciative of the many years of support JGG has dedicated to helping her become successful.

Ms. Kongkea on her wedding day

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