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Mr. Pech Veriek

Former Bakchinhchien Student Teacher, Pech Veriek belonged to the first group of 12 Student Teachers organized by JGG in 2010.  Now 26 years old, he is the Assistant to the Admissions and Administration Manager at Southbridge International School Cambodia (SISC), a school known for delivering a high standard of education to elementary and middle school students through 9th grade.  Veriek, like all JGG Student Teachers, grew up in a poor family.  His father was a farmer and fisherman and his mother both fished and was a fish seller.

Veriek and his father usually got up at 4:30 AM to prepare the farming materials for that day and deliver them to the field by cart quite a distance away. He also helped his mother take fish to the market. If there was free time, Veriek would spend days and nights living in the fields with his father

Though he was busy helping his parents, he never gave up his studies.  Veriek joined JGG’s English Outreach Program as a student in 2009.  This was the first year of the program and the only year  when all students were taught by professional teachers.  In early 2010 JGG announced it was looking for Student Teachers to teach the next school year.  Veriek took the Student Teacher test but failed.  Not discourage, he was allowed to take it again and succeeded.  Veriek exclaimed, “It was an amazing time for me to pass and become a Student Teacher.  I knew it would help me a lot in achieving my success.”

As a Student Teacher, Veriek, taught English to 6th grade students from Monday to Friday in the afternoon and 7th grade students from 5:00 to 6:00 PM.  Finally, at 6:00 PM he studied English with professional teachers provided by JGG. In 2010 JGG did not have a computer training center, so JGG paid for a private computer school to train Veriek and the other Student Teachers on the weekend.  This required them to bicycle 15 miles on mostly rugged dirt roads to the computer school in the provincial capital city of Pursat.  In a car the trip could take 45 minutes to an hour.  It was much longer on a bicycle, especially when rain made the mud deep.  Later on, JGG built a computer training room in the JGG Learning Center and Veriek was selected to give computer training to the next generation of Student Teachers.

Veriek graduated high school in 2013, and then moved to Phnom Penh with other Student Teachers to live initially in a rented apartment provided by JGG, and then later at the JGG dormitory when it was built. He studied English Literature at Cambodia International Cooperation Institute (CICI), graduating in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

While attending university, Veriek worked full time. His first job was as a real estate sale executive and admin assistant. A year later he moved on to an English teaching position at an international school.  Then in 2017 he moved to Southbridge International School Cambodia (SISC) as an Assistant to the Admissions and Administration Manager.

Currently, Veriek is studying for a master’s degree in Educational Administration and Leadership at the University of Cambodia (UC).    Also, investing in his future, and in and the future of Cambodia, he recently purchased his first home in Phnom Penh.

Veriek expressed his gratitude to JGG. He said that JGG provided him with “so many significant things and opportunities to develop his abilities starting in high school and through his years at university.” He greatly appreciated JGG’s kindness. He said “I always keep everyone at JGG in my heart.  My family is very satisfied with and proud of JGG, too. JGG has made me become a good person and a leader in society. JGG helped me to make my life bright. I will never forget JGG”


Mr. Pech Veriek with his friends at his high school


Mr. Pech Veriek inside his new purchased house in Phnom Penh

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