Queen's Birthday Celebration

On 18th June 2018, JGG Students and the community had a day off in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday, a national holiday.

I decided to spend the day biking and exploring nearby sights. First I biked to the pristine Phnom Baktra Pagoda, which is situated at the foothills of the Phnom Baktra Mountain. I couldn’t resist the temptation to climb the mountain so I forged my way up the steep and winding paths and made eight-legged friends along the way (a later Google search revealed I had encountered a Nephila Pilipes spider, one of the largest species of orb-weaving spiders in the world, but harmless to humans).

Following the hike, I continued biking to Pursat, the provincial capital and largest town in the province. I was riding into the sunset along the Pursat River on my return back to Bakchienchien. After biking for more than 55km, I could not resist stopping for freshly pressed sugar cane juice on the side of the road. Very refreshing!

Back to school and teaching today.

Stay tuned for more. #foreignvolunteer #JGG #CambodianAdventures #hiking #biking

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